Cautious Relief

Returning to the ship this morning after last night’s drama was a bit strange. I was (and will remain) cautious as I stepped aboard.

I have pretty decent visual memory, so I can usually spot when something’s out of place or not quite right. It was a relief to find things as they should be.

Anyway, a quiet day on the ship. Whew!

I did my usual walk around. Lots of bird poo that needs to be cleaned. 😦 Left that for another day.

I checked the tank ullages. I liked the ripples in the ballast water, so had to grab my camera and take a photo of that.

ballast ripples

I’ve posted pictures of the numbers on the steps of the ladders leading down into the tanks before. I like them, so here’s another one:

tank ladder

I was fascinated by the rivets attaching one of the bitts to the deck. They remind me of suckers on an octopus leg:

bitts rivets

I never noticed the ring on this port before:

port with ring

Even old spider boxes need camera love:

spider box detail

I haven’t swept the deck in a long time. So, crud has built up:


Bad me.

Took care of some of the stuff in the waterway and around a couple of the scuppers:

crud in bucket

Better keep up with the sweeping.

No interesting ships in the harbor today (except FOC, that is).


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