Photography From a Sailboat

Some days, the shots are good. Yesterday, not so much.

The camera’s auto focus wasn’t cooperating, so I had to focus manually.

China Airlines plane just after taking off from the reef runway:

China Airlines

Not too bad considering it was moving fast.

Stationary tanker (Smart Lady)? How hard can that be?

out of focus Smart Lady

Meh. At least the ocean looks good.

We were waiting for Maersk Misumi to leave the harbor. The time posted in the DOT shipping schedule came and went. 😦

Headed back to the Ala Wai, we saw Manulani in the distance. The shots of her passing Diamond Head would have been very nice if they were in focus!

out of focus Manulani

At last, a fairly decent one:


Hey, what happened to the ship?


The best shots of the day were of the Atlantis XIV submarine, which we came upon by chance.

Atlantis XIV submarine

Huki Nui with the sub in tow:

Huki Nui towing Atlantis XIV

I usually see the sub being towed out of the harbor when I’m on the ship. First time I’ve been this close.

Back in the harbor, a happy crab:

crab with bread


5 comments on “Photography From a Sailboat

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    These scenes are all exotic for me!

  2. Barry Kidd says:


    I’ve never had good luck getting decent shots while at sea. Well, not of other boats and ships in the area anyway.

    My favorite by far is the second shot of the container ship “Matson” The waves in the foreground just ROCK!

    Thank you for sharing,


    • weeboopiper says:

      Thanks for your comments Barry. It is quite a challenge!

      • Barry Kidd says:

        Your welcome. I haven’t been to sea for many years. though. When I was younger I use to spend a great deal of time at sea but these days — I do most of my traveling on a bike. Not a cool bike like a Harley mind you but a Schwinn. LOL I guess I don’t get around as much as I use too.

  3. […] The ship arriving was Manulani. My last encounter with her was my rather sad attempt to photograph her from my friend’s sailboat. […]

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