Ala Wai Scenes

Best intentions and all that…we didn’t make it out of the harbor this past Sunday.

There were still things of interest.

The doves made a new nest on my friend’s boat. Here are the nest and eggs moved into a flower pot:

dove nest

Unhappy parent:

sad parent

New word of the day: propagule

red mangrove propagule

Crab munching on a fish:

crab with fish

I like porcupine fish. They are cute. I’ve named this one “Commissioner Bele”:

Commissioner Bele

(No, it’s not Photoshopped!)

There was a skirmish between two small puffers. A black one was attacking a smaller brown one. It was actually a bit traumatic to watch. The small brown puffer’s only defense was to puff up:

puffer conflict

It eventually managed to swim away. I hope it survived.


Ala Wai sunset


One comment on “Ala Wai Scenes

  1. Buck says:

    The reflections in the mangrove photo are beautiful and mesmerising!

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