Oh Dear.

Bad news for Matson:

Matson could face millions in federal fines after molasses spill

Very sad to see the videos of all the dead and dying fish.

It seems the current is moving the spill towards Ke‘ehi. I’m sure they’re not happy there, but it’s a relief for us. Hate to think of fish corpses floating around FOC.


As an aside to this incident, I was surprised to learn that Matson ships are still carrying molasses!

“At Hilo the Roderick Dhu, Amy Turner, Santiago and Falls of Clyde, and at Kahului the Wrestler, Lurline and Mildred are all awaiting cargoes, so there should be lots of sugar and molasses here in a few weeks.”—San Francisco Call, p. 5 (30 Jan 1899)

“The four-masted Ship Falls of Clyde, which brought a cargo of oil here for the Associated Oil Company, is expected to leave today for San Francisco with a cargo of molasses.”—Honolulu Star-Bulletin, p. 6 (16 Aug 1916)


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