Whew! A Relief…

When I arrived at the harbor this morning, I didn’t want to look at the water for fear of finding dead fish floating around the ship. It was a relief to see things pretty much as they normally are. However, that doesn’t mean that the area will not be affected by the Matson molasses spill. So far so good, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Business as usual for the (hungry) cleaner wrasse, seen here with a bunch of mamos:

mamos at cleaning wrasse station

A bit of rain…pretty double rainbow over the harbor:

morning rainbow

I helped out on the pier with gangway related stuff, so I didn’t spend much time on the ship today.

I should know by now that taking the ullage readings at mid-day is a pathway to heat stroke. There’s nothing like staring down into a tank and getting hit with a blast of stale, hot air while the sun is beating down on your head.

Thank goodness for the relief of the mizzen mast shadow:

mizzen shade

I noticed that the poop deck rail needs work. Must remember to order more Le Tonkinois.

Visible from the deck, this rather interesting contrail:


And, oh look, a balloon stuck on the jigger stay:

balloon stuck on stay

The source of the balloon:

Hooters balloon

Bad for sea life. Being so near to the ocean, they should know better.

Someone lost a lot of fishing line:

lost line

Lots of tug movement today. Aside from the usual tug and barge combos, a group of Kirby tugs left the harbor (no pics, camera not handy).

I was surprised to see Mamo in Foss livery:

Mamo in Foss livery

A bunch of people (looked like members of the press) on board Tira Lani:

people on Tira Lani

Interesting ship of the day, car carrier Splendid Ace:

Splendid Ace

Splendid Ace bow

Splendid Ace crew

ETA: Donated a bit to the ship via Foodland’s “Give Aloha” program today. Will probably give more before the month is out. Remember…78512.


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