What I Did on My Half-Day Off…

Furlough (not government) means time off. Time off means ship stuff. But not FOC work, mind you…

Mahalo to Captain Ed Enos for the opportunity to go out this past Wednesday to get pics of Matson’s Mokihana at sea and heading in to Honolulu Harbor. Also, mahalo to Pat for being so accommodating.

It was a bit rough going once we left the harbor, so getting decent photos from the moving pilot boat was definitely a challenge. (Read: Many out of focus and oddly framed shots.)

Anyway…here we go.

Port side of Mokihana from Kawika, with the crew setting up the ladder:

the approach

Mokihana crew and Captain Enos (and reflection of water):

Mokihana crew and Capt Enos

Zipping away:

zipping away


Biding time, waiting for the ship…

Tugs Mikioi and Pi‘ilani outside the entrance of the harbor:



Hello to Mikioi’s captain:

hello to Mikioi's captain

Hello to Pi‘ilani’s captain:

hello to Pi‘ilani's captain

Closer! Mokihana approaching the harbor:


Still biding time…

Hello to the Atlantis VII submarine:

saying hello to Atlantis sub

And to Nani, the boat towing the sub:

saying hello to Nani

Mokihana with Mikioi at the bow:

Mikioi at Mokihana bow

Pi‘ilani at the stern:

Pi‘ilani at Mokihana stern

I have photos of the ship turning in the harbor (search for previous posts if interested), so I didn’t take any this time.

We passed Kwai:


Detail of Mauna Loa, one of Matson’s barges:

Mauna Loa detail

A different view of the cranes:

crane detail

Mokihana rat guards (and old APL eagle):

Mokihana rat guards

At the pier, setting up the gangway:


For anyone bemused by this post and trying to figure out what is going on, hopefully this screenshot from the excellent MarineTraffic.com website will help:

Marinetraffic.com screenshot

It shows the track of Mokihana from Wednesday.


One comment on “What I Did on My Half-Day Off…

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Harbour life!

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