New Toy, Old Grind

It was back to the harbor on Saturday.

Before I went to the ship, I stopped to have a look at the tanker Suez Rajan. While I can see the tankers from my house when they are out at the offshore anchorage, it’s always neat to see them up close.

Empire Navigation logo:

Empire Navigation logo at bow

Draft and bulkhead marks:

draft marks

Rat guard:

Suez Rajan rat guard

It was a hot and humid day, so I decided to do some sweeping in the shade of the fo’c’sle:


That photo and the following were taken with my fancy new phone. 🙂


A friend came by to help out with measurements for the mooring line project. I need to get going on that.

Another examination of the stuff encrusting the draft mark pole, now dry but still smelly, produced a couple of surprises: Shrimp casualties!

shrimp casualties

On the left is a mantis shrimp and on the right is a snapping shrimp. College ruled note paper for scale.


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