The Squall

I went sailing with a friend on Sunday. The day started off calm and sunny with light winds…nice conditions for pootling along on the water.

My friend let me steer. The boat was behaving well, so I didn’t have to do too much to keep her headed in the direction we wanted to go (toward the Chinese tanker anchored offshore).

Saw a number of flying fish. Wish I could get a photo of them!

As we got nearer to Chang Hang Xi Wang, the sound of thunder alerted us to a change in the weather. Looking toward shore, we could see clouds and rain stretching from the Wai‘anae Range to the Ko‘olau Range.

Koolau rain

My friend checked the marine weather report. Eek! Flash flood watch with the chance of funnel clouds for the south shore. We decided we’d better get back to the Ala Wai as soon as possible.

We took pics of Chang Hang Xi Wang before turning back to the east:

Chang Hang Xi Wang offshore

The sky was getting darker as the clouds and rain moved towards the ocean:


Uh oh RO RO! We had an unexpected encounter with a car carrier.

uh oh ro ro

(Note: We weren’t that close…zoom lens!)

Felicity Ace leaving Honolulu Harbor (earlier than indicated in schedule):

Felicity Ace


Sky looking rather scary:


Time to put away the Nikon and fancy new phone. The rain started to fall and increased to a downpour. The horizon disappeared.

My friend asked me to steer again as she took in the sails. It was hard to see the buoys marking the channel into the Ala Wai because of the falling rain ahead and the water being blown into my eyes. I was wearing a hat with a brim, but found myself wishing for a proper tarpaulin hat and foul weather gear. I can’t remember the last time I was soaked so thoroughly.

Needless to say, we made it safely into the harbor. The sky was already beginning to clear as we arrived at the slip.


3 comments on “The Squall

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Glad you’re safe! Sounds… exciting.

  2. skycastles says:

    Really love the first and last photos!

  3. […] experienced a squall at sea just a few weeks ago (The Squall), it was strange to be on the water during another one this past Sunday afternoon. The conditions […]

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