Pump Repair – Part 2

Time to replace the impeller on the other pump.

pump patient

Having worked on its twin last Sunday, we thought that this one wouldn’t take so long. Not so. The old impeller was stuck…really stuck…on the shaft to the motor.

Maybe some heat will help?


The wood block method to knock it loose suggested by the manufacturer did not work. Or maybe we were just interpreting the vague instructions incorrectly?

Anyway…try again using old caulking tool?

try again


impeller off

It’s a relief to have both high volume pumps set up and working again:

pumps set up

Many, many thanks to Paul for his time!

One of our submersibles needs tending to. I guess I’ll tackle that myself next time.

Kagawa Maru chafing gear:

Kagawa Maru chafing gear

Long way from home:

long way from home

The sign of things to come:

sign of things to come


One comment on “Pump Repair – Part 2

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Glad the ‘blue wrench’ and a caulking tool got it done for you!

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