Squall (Again)

Having experienced a squall at sea just a few weeks ago (The Squall), it was strange to be on the water during another one this past Sunday afternoon. The conditions were oddly similar, but this time I was in the harbor (and dry 😀 ).

It looked like a nice day, despite the flash flood watch that had been issued earlier. The sun was out and the sea was calm.

However, as the pilot boat headed out of the harbor, a glance mauka…

Mikioi astern

Not again!

I took the opportunity to test the photo and video capabilities of my fancy new phone. I must say it’s quite an improvement from my previous phone. Images are pretty good, which makes me happy.

Note: The pictures with the black bars are screen captures of images from the videos.

Still sunny with a tanker in the distance:

Screen Shot deja vu

R.J. Pfeiffer:

Screen Shot RJ Pfeiffer

alongside RJ Pfeiffer

Heading back into the harbor with the sky looking a bit uglier:

gloomy skies

The Pfeiffer stopped in front of Aloha Tower to do a lifeboat drill, which involved lowering the boat down to the water:

lowering lifeboat

A crew in a work boat arrived to check it out:

checking out lifeboat

As they were hauling the lifeboat back up, drops of rain began to fall.

It started to rain harder as the Pfeiffer turned around:

rain RJ Pfeiffer turning

Screen Shot heavy rain harbor

At one point, lightning and a loud “boom” startled us (turns out the lightning had hit one of the gantry cranes).

The rain eventually stopped and the sun reappeared.

Rainbow and waterfall:

waterfall and rainbow

Thanks to Captain Barry Solywoda and Paul.


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