The day started off with rain, which was fine because I had planned to do work on the tween deck.

When it rains, I always check to see where the leaks are and place buckets where needed.

dark water in bucket

During a break in the rain, I did my walk around the ship.

I was sad to see that the varnish needs tending to and I guess we (I) also have to do some weeding:

weed needs work

All seemed well, so I went below to start on my project for the day.

The patient (or victim):

the patient

Last year, during the photo survey project, we had trouble with one of the submersible pumps…don’t know if it was this one or its twin. I watched Brush open it up, clean it, and get it working again. He stressed being able to take things apart and do basic troubleshooting.

Okay, I think I can do this.

First thing I noticed, there was a crack in the power cord cover, which exposed the wiring within. Worrying. I taped it up with electrical tape for the time being.

I moved the pump on to a workbench, so I could get a better look at the bottom.

bottom of pump

Hm. Need socket wrench to loosen the bolts. No problem. We have a bunch, right?

lots of sockets but not the one needed

To my chagrin, the sockets were all too large. I found a T-handle wrench, but it was too small. Argh!

Well, so much for taking apart the pump. I dawdled about for a bit, then decided to leave.

Seems there’s a rat problem on the pier. Here’s one of the rat bait stations that have appeared:

rat control

Experimenting with an app:

experimenting with app

The research vessel Falkor, was at Pier 9:


One of Falkor’s rat guards:

Falkor rat guard

First time I’ve seen a QR code on a ship:

QR code

Celebrity Millennium’s rat guards:

Celebrity Millennium rat guards 1

Celebrity Millennium rat guards 2

Noticed this sign at Pier 10/11, which I think is fairly new:

new sign

Tires at Pier 13:


Once I got home, I checked a socket wrench set that belonged to my dad. I think this will do the trick:

this set will do


2 comments on “Frustration

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Love the photo of the tires… really grabbed my eye! If the bolts on the submersible are really rusty, hit them with WD-40 or similar penetrant. Wait some time (an hour, overnight, whatever) and spray them again. Then wait a bit more. Your Dad’s socket set has six-point sockets – these are great for hard to remove bolts because they really grip the whole side of the bolt. The 12-point sockets are more common, but they can round off the corners of old rusty bolts. You probably won’t need it, but that breaker bar is very handy too. Steady pressure and when it starts to move, rock it back and forth. WD-40 is cheap compared to drilling out a broken bolt :-/

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