Success…Sort Of

I went back to the ship yesterday armed with the proper sized tool to remove the bolts from the bottom of the pump. It was a good thing I had poured some Liquid Wrench on them the day before, as they really didn’t want to come out. I was rather surprised at how long they were.

bolts out

I had hoped that it was just debris causing the problem. When I took the plate off, there was very little dirt and only small flakes of rust (whether from the pump itself or the ship, who knows). The impeller was easy to turn and, from what I could see of it, looked like it was in decent condition.

not much debris

So…I guess that leaves problems with the motor and/or the power cord, items which are beyond my ability to diagnose.


Had a small bite to eat on the pier and watched Manukai arrive.

Namahoe passing by Manukai:


Manukai turning:


As it was a nice day, I decided to head over to Kewalo Basin.

The pirate boat people have a decent booth:

pirate booth

I went to have a look at Vida Mia. Quite sad. She may go the way of Kula Kai if no one takes an interest in her.

Vida Mia

I continued on to Ala Moana Beach Park. I strolled slowly along the beach, enjoying the sights and sounds of people out having fun.

I found this funny bit of worn coral:

coral face

Glancing up, I saw a small flock of ruddy turnstones near the water. You have to be quick to get a photo before they run or fly away.

ruddy turnstones

Just beyond that, interesting patterns in the sand produced by water from a beach shower running down to the sea:


If you look carefully, you can see bird footprints.

Crepuscular rays:

sun behind cloud

And a dramatic sunset:

dramatic sunset

Time to go!


One comment on “Success…Sort Of

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    Glad the bolts came out OK. Sorry it wasn’t a simple obstruction. The coral face is cool. The clouds and sunset – lovely.

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