Once More Into the Tanks, Dear Friends…

FOC sunny morning

I took time off from “real life” to help out on board the ship for three days this past week. Representatives from JMS Naval Architects were in town to do a survey and meet with the shipyard. This survey covered the same areas (tanks, forepeak, aftpeak, pump room) as the past two done by Chris Jannini, so I felt quite comfortable with what needed to be done.

The aftpeak has remained dry since summer of last year when we pumped the water that was in it, forward into the tanks:

dry aftpeak

The numbers we put up to label the frames were still there:

frame numbers

Looking into port tank #3:

Port Tank #3

Water in the pump room:

water in pump room

Pump room looking aft toward the forward bulkhead of the first set of tanks:

in the pump room

I was pleased that I was able to get a decent photo of the inside (port side) of the chain locker by sticking my fancy phone into a hole:

port side of chain locker

It looks like a wooden bulkhead dividing the space, but I have no idea what the dark sheet-like stuff is.

I had a couple of small scares while down in the pump room. I was standing on a board that worked loose and dropped a few inches and then had a ladder slip a bit as I climbed up it (so much for thinking it was secure all this time).

On Thursday, we were able to give our visitors a closer look at part of the exterior of the hull thanks to Captain Ed Enos, who very kindly made arrangements for use of one of the pilot boats:

checking out the stern draftmarks

We also did a bit of recon (wink, wink):

checking out dry dock

Back at Pier 19:

back at pier 19

L to R: Bruce McEwan (Friends of Falls of Clyde), Jack Ringelberg (JMS Naval Architects), David Forrest (JMS Naval Architects), Captain Ed Enos (Hawaii Pilots Association)

Mahalo to Herbie!

My post wouldn’t be complete without some ship spotting!

Horizon Spirit:

Horizon Spirit

Mokihana without containers:

Mokihana without containers

Container detail:


Not the sharpest photo, but it shows Mikioi with the Foss logo:

Mikioi with Foss logo

Pi‘ilani also bears the Foss logo now. Kind of sad. The end of an era.

Celebrity Century with a few lifeboats lowered into the water:

Celebrity Century lifeboats

Back to FOC, the birds continue to leave gifts in the form of seeds. There was also some weird stuff on the deck:

ants on unknown weird stuff

Not sure what it was, but obviously the ants liked it.

FOC at sunset


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