Grim Discovery on the Pier

A pleasant day at the harbor except for a rather grim discovery.

I was looking at the larger lines stored on the pier. Some of the ends aren’t whipped, so they aren’t in the best condition.

worn end of line

(If you’re squeamish, stop reading now.)

I saw something that looked superficially like the image above. Upon closer inspection, I noticed some bones.

fur and bones

It turned out to be the remains of a cat.

close up of skull

I’ve never seen any cats wandering around in the area, so it’s rather strange. In a previous post, I mentioned the bait stations that have been set out around the pier to kill rats. I wonder if this poor cat’s death was a result of catching/eating a poisoned mouse or rat?

Anyway, I’m just glad it was on the pier and not on the ship.


A couple of random photos…

Looking aft along hull:


Old wire seizing:

old wire seizing

The door leading to the aft cabins has been missing a proper handle for a long time. Up to now, there was just some thin line looped through the hole where a handle should be:

old handle

It worked, but seemed a bit ghetto. I thought I could make something super simple that would look a little better.

splice beginning


new handle

In the harbor…

Sider Colombia arriving:

Sider Colombia

A better photo, than one I posted earlier this month, of Mikioi with the Foss logo:

Mikioi Foss logo

And Pi‘ilani, also with the Foss logo:

Pi‘ilani Foss logo

Veendam rat guard:

Veendam rat guard


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