Floating Refuge

Friday was not a good day. I was planning to chill out and not do much, but my laptop had a major fit. Before I knew it, I found myself making an unplanned visit to the Apple Store, where I ended up buying a new one. Ouch.

Although Saturday was a little blustery (winter weather!), I was happy to be on board the ship after the stress of Friday. It’s a different world where I can hide away and do some mental healing.

The ship was rolling more than usual, due to the swell in the harbor.

Mokihana was loading vehicles at Pier 1:

Mokihana and tugs

It was unusual to see the two tugs stationed along the hull…Pi‘ilani and Moana Holo in this shot (extra $$$). I suppose it was because of the position of the ship and the conditions at the pier.

The morning was spent working with a volunteer. We did a walk through the ship, talked about potential projects, and emptied rain water buckets. (It’s raining as I type this, so I expect those buckets are filling up again.) We also cleared some plugged scuppers. It helps to have scuppers that work.

Measured the tank ullages:

ullage form

The new form I designed is working well, but I have to modify it to include a few more measurements.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know about the problems we have had with the aft draft mark pole. Based on a chat with one of the naval architects we are working with, I looked for easily accessible areas at the bow and stern to take measurements from. It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s what we can do at the moment and it’s better than nothing.

Looking down to water from porthole at stern:

measurement at stern

Mark up on fo’c’sle head indicating measurement point:

bow measurement point

After I was done on the ship, I decided to stay at the harbor for a little while longer.

Watched Mokihana shift from Pier 1 back to the Matson piers.


Tira Lani passing Mokihana:

Tira Lani passing Mokihana



I’m still trying to get used to seeing the Foss logo.

Setting sun with sun dogs and halo:

sun dog

JRS Canis arriving:

JRS Canis

Goodnight, lass:

twilight FOC


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