Another Saturday at the Harbor

I bought more baubles for the ship:

more baubles

I found something new on the deck. A maraschino cherry + ants!

maraschino cherry

(No, it wasn’t from our party.)

The Coast Guard folks were doing some sort of drill:

Coast Guard boats

Some of the additional baubles on the poop deck rail.

baubles poop deck rail

(Yeah, the varnish needs work.)

Having nearly slipped down the gangway on a couple of occasions, I was happy to help put on the non-skid material:

non skid

At the end of the pier, a beautiful electric blue…something. Omilu, I think?

mystery fish poss omilu

Spot the crocodile needlefish:

crocodile needlefish

Anole peeking out from a capstan on the pier:

Anole in capstan

Structure at Pier 19…home of the whale buses:

pier 19 home of whale bus

I asked if I could tag along with Paul on the pilot boat.

Here’s Paul on board Honolulu:

Paul pilot boat

Passing by USCGC Polar Star, an icebreaker:

USCGC Polar Star

I’ve been testing out the fancy phone camera. It’s certainly handy, but the image quality can’t quite compare with the old Nikon.



Celebrity Century leaving:

Celebrity Century


alongside Celebrity Century

Preparing the pilot ladder:

pilot ladder ready

Pau for the evening:

Paul with Honolulu

Mahalo to Paul, Captain Barry Solywoda, and Captain Lenny Stenback.


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