Lunch, Fish, and Ships

I had the day off, so I decided to go to the harbor to have lunch on the pier and do some ship spotting.

The gate to the pier has seen a bit of use (and abuse) over the past few years. When I arrived at the ship, it was looking quite wonky:

wonky gate

Natural wear and tear or someone messing with it? Hm.

Lunch consisted of miso soup and a spicy ahi poke/ikura bowl:

spicy ahi and ikura

While waiting for the photographic target of the day, I dawdled about at the end of the pier.

Hoku Ke‘a passed by, towing a barge:

Hoku Kea

A couple of Hawaiian cleaner wrasses have set up cleaning stations near the edge of the pier. They are quite popular. The most striking customers today were a school of omilu and my old friend, the crocodile needlefish.

Cleaner wrasse on the “port” side:

cleaning station

Finally, NYK’s Dione Leader left the harbor:

Dione Leader

I didn’t do any work on the ship today, as I am anticipating a long day on Saturday. I did go aboard briefly to fetch a large zip-tie to do a quick repair to the gate.

All’s well on the tween deck:

tween deck

I walked over to Pier 9 to have a look at Kaiyo Maru. I was pleased that I was able to add a couple more photos to my idea files.

I was awed that someone took the time to put Turk’s heads on the chafing gear. Very nice touch!

turk's head chafing gear

chafing gear

With the plan to turn Aloha Tower Marketplace into dorms, I thought I’d take a photo of the fish tiles by the restroom before they go away:

fish tiles

Speaking of going away, there will be no New Year’s fireworks, according to a PBN article pointed out by Captain Ed Enos. I know the displays are quite expensive, but…

Leaving the area, ran across a couple of Harbor Police cars. One of the two:

harbor police car

Good to see them! Keep the shady characters away…


One comment on “Lunch, Fish, and Ships

  1. Buck says:

    Love that long view of the ‘tween deck!

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