Something New

I spent most of Saturday at the harbor.

The day started with my usual inspection of the ship.

One of the rain buckets I placed in the tool room last week was full of mucky water that had dripped down from the deck above:

water bucket

I did some tidying up around the ship in anticipation of a photo shoot that would be taking place on the ship later on in the day.

I took some time out to do a bit of ship spotting.

Mihama arriving at Pier 8:


There was a brown booby fishing in the harbor:

brown booby

Not the best photo, but it shows the booby trying to get airborne after catching a good-sized fish.

Pilot boat Honolulu:


Thanks to Captain Ed Enos and Paul, I had a nice mid-day break.

Off Pier 9:

nice day on the water

Yes, it was a lovely day!

Captain Enos was taking Mokihana out after a slight delay:


Mikioi at the stern:


Mamo heading in:


Captain Enos climbing down the pilot ladder:

Ed Enos pilot ladder

Goodbye Mokihana:

leaving Mokihana

It was back to the ship for me to await the arrival of the photographers.

Although it may be rather odd to think of the combination of fashion photography and old rusty ship, it was nice to see the ship alive with activity. I enjoyed working with everyone and had a good time.

photo shoot

It was dark by the time I secured the ship. I took a short walk around Aloha Tower Marketplace before leaving the harbor.

Grand Princess at Pier 10:

Grand Princess

Due to the lack of normal foot traffic, these shops only open when there are cruise ships in port:

Aloha Tower shops


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