Rain / Mission at Kewalo Basin

The forecast for Saturday: Rain. At the harbor, it looked like a typical sunny day.

nice morning

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the pier was that a few things belonging to the ship had been returned:

forward hatch cover


small skylight

The plywood cover for the fo’c’sle head is done:

plywood done

Unhappy cockroach:


We started painting the plywood:


Unfortunately, the rain showed up after all. Bummer.

Since I was returning to the ship on Sunday to help work on the pumping system, I decided to call it a day

Earlier on, a friend had called and asked me if I would go on a recon mission at Kewalo Basin. It was a good opportunity to test out my new toy (camera).

Artwork on the Fisherman’s Wharf building. Old salt at the helm:

at the helm

The mysterious Berth X:

Berth X

Fishing boat charter sign:

Sashimi II sign

Female star-eye parrotfish:

parrotfish thing


catamaran light and dark

Treasure Seeker returning to Kewalo Basin:

Treasure Seeker

Gloomy skies:

gloomy weather


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