More Harbor Photos

A three-day weekend meant I had more time to spend at the harbor getting used to using my new toy. It’s got more bells and whistles than my old toy, so there is a bit of a learning curve.

Out of service…tug Nalani:

Nalani bitts

Seto Express departing around noon:

Seto Express

I think the range marker needs fixing:

range marker needs fixing

I had the chance to go out on the pilot boat in the afternoon. Yes, again. Hmm. Does that make me a groupie? Eek.

Tug of the day…Capt Les Easom heading out:

Capt Les Easom

She was towing Hilo Bay out with Tira Lani assisting.

The ship arriving was Manulani. My last encounter with her was my rather sad attempt to photograph her from my friend’s sailboat.

Conditions must have been good for fishing, as there were groups of boobies floating on the water:

boobies afloat

Mostly brown boobies here with one masked booby at right.

Taking off as the pilot boat got closer:

brown boobies taking off

Captain Al Dorflinger getting ready to go aboard Manulani:

Capt Al Dorflinger Manulani

I think my action shots are getting better?

In the harbor, lifeboat drill:

Manulani lifeboat test

Mamo at the bow:

Mamo and Manulani


Picking up the lifeboat:

picking up lifeboat

Different view of cargo being loaded on Manoa:

loading cargo on Manoa

Manulani from the port side of Manoa:

Manulani from shadow of Manoa

Of course, there are rat guards:

rat guard Manulani

Taking a measurement at the stern:


A lovely day. 🙂

Mahalo to Paul and Captain Al Dorflinger.


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