On Guard Again

I arrived at the harbor a bit earlier than usual. I went to take a look at Crystal Serenity, which was at Pier 10/11.

Rat guards:

Crystal Serenity rat guards

Tug of the day…Nene:


As I made my way to the ship, I noticed that a flag had been hoisted on the staff at the stern. Strange.

The alarm on the ship had been tripped a couple of times during the week, so I was alert to any signs of an intruder as I went aboard and did my inspection. There were some small things I noticed. Not good.

blustery day

On a positive note, more work was done on the pump system:

PVC mock up

Mock up of part of the discharge line:

discharge alignment

Emergency. A fire truck and ambulance appeared on Pier 8:

Fire Department

I refreshed the yellow paint marking holes in the steel of the tween deck:

marking holes

Before I left the ship for the day, I went up on the poop deck to lower the flag. I was rather miffed by what I saw:

flag fail

Lubberly. That’s the word that comes to mind.

The line was fastened to the base of the staff, wrapped around the small cleat next to the staff, and pulled to the forward part of the steering gear where it was tied to the shaft of the wheel.

Worst of all, there was no down haul! Argh!


I climbed up on a step ladder to try to pull it down with a boat hook, but I couldn’t reach it. Grr. Frustration. I thought about standing on the steering gear, but it was quite blustery and I was afraid I’d lose my balance and end up taking a dive into the harbor.

So…the flag is still stuck on the staff. I hope we don’t get complaints that we’re being disrespectful.

I walked to Chinatown, where Chinese New Year festivities were taking place.

As this is a maritime blog…

Colorful fish:


Rear Admiral Richard Williams and the Pacific Fleet Band took part in the parade down Hotel Street:

Rear Admiral Richard Williams

Pacific Fleet Band

bass drum Pacific Fleet Band


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