Almost a Week Late…

Life’s been a bit busy, so I’m only getting to last Saturday’s post now.

Rain means very little work on deck:


So…it was time for dancing around to 80s music on the tween deck.

Ha ha! No.

Found some new leaks and moved buckets around:

leak at main mast

It feels like a losing battle sometimes.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with Rosie and Joe. Rosie had an injury to her leg. I’m glad to see she’s better.

Here they are inspecting a small leak:

Rosie and Joe inspect leak



Light from a hole in the deck illuminates a small part of starboard tank #4:

let there be light

It wasn’t all fun and games. I did do some work. Really.

The zombie pump needed a line attached to it.

Whipping the ends:


Done. Zombie pump (left) and its twin:

pump with line

Fortunately, the sun came out in the afternoon.

There always seems to be something new at the pier. I think this is some sort of bug trap?

insect trap

When I arrived in the morning and saw it at a distance, I thought someone had put a lantern up.

Wonder if there will be something new this coming Saturday?


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