Morning Workout

No drama or any weird things today.

The morning was spent uncoiling lines on the pier, with the help of another board member, in order to measure them and then recoiling them back on their pallets.

The lines had been measured a few years ago. The measurements were written on duct tape wrapped around the lines. Unfortunately, the duct tape broke down over time due to exposure to the elements and most of the numbers were lost.

I decided to try something new. I used thin, throw-away sections of PVC from the pumping system project as labels:

measuring line

I hope they will work better than the duct tape or a tag. I took photos of the labels and lines so we have a rough visual record of the numbers.

Lines recoiled:

mooring lines

We tidied up the area while we were at it. I decided it was time to scrape up the remains of the cat.


scraping up cat remains

Despite being dried out, it still smelled funky. 😦

Scraped up and ready for disposal:


Back on the ship, I saw that more work was done by Paul on the pumping system:

assembly continues

Kicking aside bits of rust reveals more holes in the deck:

more holes

Fooling around:


Two tugs (Eleu and Pi‘ilani). I guess UH’s Kaimikai-o-Kanaloa was having problems?


Tug of the day, Eleu, in Foss livery:



2 comments on “Morning Workout

  1. starbuck5250 says:

    I do ham radio contesting for fun, and we leave our tower sections out in the weather all year. Sharpie always seems to fade, but if I refresh it every few months it isn’t too bad to decipher. Better is coloured electrical tape. Put it on the PVC rings and it should stick forever. We use the resistor colour code, but you only need a few colours.

    Or, you could use bands of regular black electrical tape. One band of tape = rope 1, two bands = rope two. Write the key down and keep it in a plastic page protector and store it inside, out of the UV.

    We can’t do this because we’re constantly banging and scraping the tower sections during load / unload cycles, but try grease pencil (maybe better known as china marking pencil?) My recollection is that it’s pretty UV stable.

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