Something Different

It was a decent day for ship spotting.

Grand Princess was in port.

I’ve posted pics of her rat guards before, but this is a different set:

Grand Princess rat guards

I think that’s supposed to be a cat. It looks like it’s been run over. Or something.

While I was there, the ship conducted a lifeboat drill. I’ve seen cruise ships lowering boats down to the water before, but this was the first time I’d seen the boats actually doing something.

Grand Princess lifeboat 2

This one says that the capacity is 150 persons:

Grand Princess lifeboat 10

I guess it’s larger than it looks? In an emergency, a crowded lifeboat is better than no lifeboat at all.

Grand Princess boats

Looks like they move at a decent speed with just the crew:

moving at decent speed

I wonder how they handle when they are fully loaded…

No seagulls here, but we do have cattle egrets flying around:


Kokua done turning Mauna Loa:

Kokua with Mauna Loa

Rockies Highway:

Rockies Highway

Rockies Highway stern detail

No Tug Tug

Pi‘ilani hurrying along the port side:

Pi‘ilani hurrying along


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