Nippon Maru

The Nippon Maru is a fairly frequent visitor to Honolulu, but she’s usually berthed at a pier that isn’t open to the general public. 😦

Mahalo to Captains Tom Heberle and Ed Enos of the Hawaii Pilots Association for the opportunity to get a closer look at the ship! There’s nothing like seeing such a grand lady get under way and head out to sea.

On the way to the pilot office, I came across this amusing typo on a bit of trash by the side of the road:

Don't Crash

Crashing would not be good!

Outside the gate:

Pilots sign

Captains Ed Enos and Paul Pollock on Honolulu:

Capts Ed Enos and Paul Pollock

view of Nippon Maru

Nippon Maru 1

Nippon Maru 2

Mamo assisting:

Nippon Maru 3

Getting ready to go aloft:

Nippon Maru 4

Nippon Maru 5

Yards manned:

Nippon Maru 6

Waving goodbye to people on the pier with cheers of “Aloha”…very nice!

Nippon Maru 7

Nippon Maru 8

Nippon Maru 9

Tira Lani assisting:

Nippon Maru 10

Passing Aloha Tower:

Nippon Maru 11

Can’t really see it in the photo above, but the cadets were waving their hats in greeting to the crew on board Hokuho Maru at Pier 8 (to the right of Nippon Maru’s bow).

The obligatory rigging shot:

Nippon Maru 12

Chafing gear:

Nippon Maru chafing gear 1

Nippon Maru chafing gear 2

Captain Enos disembarking:

Capt Ed Enos

Aloha Nippon Maru. A hui hou!

Nippon Maru 13

Special thanks to Paul!


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