Special Visitors on Board FOC

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to meet Pam and Burt Goffinet and two of their friends. Their visit to the ship was special, as Pam is the daughter of John Christensen. Mr. Christensen was a seaman on board the ship in the early 1900s.

FOC crew list

Pam gave us a DVD containing photos taken when her father visited the ship in the 1970s. I had a big grin on my face while looking at all of the ones featuring him…he was so much at home and was having the time of his life! It would really have been something to meet and talk with him.

The photos of the ship answer some questions I had about various details I’ve noticed over the past few years. It’s also interesting to see what’s changed. She almost looks like a different ship in some of the shots.

Those who follow my blog know that I get rather down sometimes due to circumstances surrounding the ship (not due to the ship herself…she’s a good girl). Meeting people like Pam and hearing the stories they have to tell is part of the reason why I am able to carry on week after week despite all the frustration and heartache.


2 comments on “Special Visitors on Board FOC

  1. Susan, you are an angel of the ship. My heart is always there. My grandfather gave me the gift of the sail and I have always held it as a passion and privilege to sail under natures energy. When I was taking the tour by my grandfather, he became that young man again that sailed the Falls of Clyde. Thank you for all of your efforts. Dr. Doug Christensen

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