Making a Day of It

Yes, I went back to riding around on the pilot boat.

Another Japanese ship getting ready to leave from Pier 10:

Tosakaien Maru

The people on the sailboat that cut across the channel must be related to the kayaker:

sailboat pretty close

I had fun waving to the crew on board Tosakaien Maru:

friendly Tosakaien Maru crew

Some of them took pics of us, while I took pics of them.

Captain Baker again:

Capt Baker Tosakaien Maru


Tosakaien Maru leaving



NYK container:

NYK container Settsu

It was back out again a little while later with Captain Ed Enos for Maui.

Captain Enos going aboard:

Capt Enos Maui

Out of focus (should have swapped lenses on the good camera instead of using the fancy phone) but I like the lighting:

Maui sunset

Back into the harbor again and going to tie up over at Pier 8 to pay a quick visit to FOC:

back into the harbor

Paul and I went to the ship to test out the pumping system.

Fingers crossed:

testing pumps

Success! #Paulisawesome
[There was a photo here but I was asked to remove it.]

Off again! Over to Pier 53.

Passing Chishio Maru at Pier 9:

Chishio Maru

Aloha Tower and Kagawa Maru:

Aloha Tower

Kokua and Miki Hana:

Kokua and Miki Hana

Tug of the evening, Pi‘ilani:


Waiting for Captain Enos. Maui at the pier:

Maui stern


Maui bow

back to pilot station

Kudos to everyone working late into the night to ensure that harbor operations run smoothly.

Thanks again to Captains Steve Baker and Ed Enos. Many thanks to Paul! #Paulisawesome


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