The Day Continues…

On to FOC!

I was supposed to help Paul on Sunday (today), but it turns out that he finished what we had planned to do, on Friday. What a guy! #Paulisawesome


discharge done

We now have gauges in the lines so we can see what sort of pressure we’re getting.

Tween deck work area:

work area


I check the angle of list every week, but I hadn’t measured the ullages in a while.

Handy ullage form, which I designed:

ullage form

I have to modify it slightly because we have a few more measurements to take now.

Tape measure into tank:

looking into tank

It usually takes little over an hour to do the ten tanks and six points along the hull.

After I was done with that, it was time to go to the end of the pier to watch Mokihana leave.

Eleu pushing at the bow:


Mokihana leaving

I caught a bit of movement in the channel in front of the ship. Looking through the lens of my camera, I saw this:

bold kayaker

This is the maritime equivalent of someone crossing the road in front of an approaching big rig.

In the water below, my needlefish friend was back for another grooming session with the cleaner wrasse.

Back on the ship…

When we were working on the pipes on the weather deck last week, I was rather embarrassed by the fact that we were kneeling in mud. Maintenance fail!



Much better:

area cleaner

In case anyone is wondering, I didn’t simply wash the crud into the harbor. It went into a bucket:

crud in bucket

Wider shot of the area:

view of area

The task of sweeping would be less frustrating if the pieces of the tops and other heavy things brought down from aloft weren’t in the way.

I had wanted to clean the fo’c’sle as well, but I was behind schedule due to my morning ride around with the pilots. Speaking of the pilots…see the next post.


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