Unexpected Morning Excursion

I arrived at the harbor at the usual time. Since I was in no particular hurry to get to work on the ship, I took a detour to Pier 9 to watch the arrival of Chishio Maru.

Captain Tom Heberle on board:

Capt Heberle Chishio Maru

Adjusting fenders:

adjusting fenders

I went over to the pilot boat to say “hello” to Paul and got invited to ride along. Yeah, cleaning dirt off the deck could wait.

Chishio Maru was one of four Japanese vessels on the shipping schedule today.

Unryu Maru left soon after Chishio Maru arrived:

Unryu Maru leaving

Captain Steve Baker leaving Unryu Maru:

Capt Baker Unryu Maru

Kagawa Maru arriving:

Kagawa Maru arriving

Captain Baker getting ready to go aboard Kagawa Maru:

Capt Baker Kagawa Maru

View from Honolulu heading back in:

heading in

Lovely morning!

Yes, yes. I know. I should have been here:

Falls of Clyde

Kagawa Maru arriving at Pier 9:

helping Kagawa Maru

Nice to see crew from Chishio Maru and Tosakaien Maru lending a hand on the pier.

Time for Matson’s Mokihana to leave:

Eleu and Mokihana

Or…maybe not. Still loading vehicles!

Mikioi standing by:


Oh well. Time to go and get some work done.

Tug of the morning, Moana Holo:

Moana Holo

Mahalo to Captains Tom Heberle, Steve Baker, and Ed Enos. Special thanks to Paul!


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