Rainy Days and…Saturdays

Hanging around…but not frowning.

A quick look around the ship before heading to Pier 9 to get pics of USCGC Polar Star:

USCGC Polar Star

Earlier in the year, the icebreaker was asked to aid in operations to free the ice-bound ships Akademik Shokalskiy and Xue Long before conditions improved and they managed to free themselves.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star stands down from Antarctic rescue

Satsumaseiun Maru crew looking on:

Satsumaseiun Maru crew looking on

Mikioi assisting:

Mikioi at bow Polar Star

Back on the ship, I spent part of the time tidying up the fo’c’sle.

There was dirt and debris from the fo’c’sle head plywood project that hadn’t been cleaned up. 😦

fo'c'sle dirt

Like the muck in the waterways, it was bothering me.

Soooo…I took care of it:

fo'c'sle cleaned 1

fo'c'sle cleaned 2

As usual, there was the temptation to have a closer look at things in the area.

One of the port hawseholes:

port hawsehole

Got some different views of things by sticking my fancy phone out through the hawsehole.

Bottom edge of trailboard with the part of the “D” and the “E” in “Clyde”:


Part of the hull and the towing cable:

hull and towing cable

Draft marks:

hull draft marks

After measuring the ullages, I was ready to go, but it started raining. I decided to stay on the pier and wait until the rain abated a bit.

Mokihana was turning off of Pier 7.

Rain water pouring from a scupper:

water from scupper

(The pic looks grainy because of the rain.)

Mokihana’s stern looking rather ghostly as she headed out of the harbor, and a fishing boat, less so:

ghostly Mokihana and fishing boat

The rain eventually stopped and it was time to go.


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