Catching Up

I’ve been busy, so I’ve fallen behind again!

Last Wednesday, I had lunch by the ship. The gangway was screeching horribly. Again. I did what I could with the WD-40. I got a suggestion regarding a new material to try, so I passed that on to the board member in charge of fixing the problem.

Saturday was relatively uneventful. The main concern was the high winds predicted for the weekend. I made sure that everything on the weather deck was secure in addition to my usual tasks.

I found a rivet head in the lazarette:

rivet head

One more to add to my collection, unfortunately.

Here is where it came from (dark spot on angle iron):

former location of rivet head

After I left the ship, I accompanied a friend to Kane‘ohe to secure her boat:

checking on boat


You can’t tell by looking at the photo, but it was gusty.

It wasn’t really windy at my house overnight, which was a surprise. However, it was still quite windy at the harbor on Sunday.

I had intended to do a bit of ship spotting, check on the Falls, and drop some stuff off at the pilots’ office. Ha! It turned from just a morning to an all-day outing, as I ran into Paul, who was at work on the pilot boat.

Phoenix Alpha, the photographic target:

Phoenix Alpha at Pier 2

Phoenix Alpha crew dealing with the mooring lines:

Phoenix Alpha crew

When we got back to Pier 19, Paul noticed that one of the mooring lines securing the ex-Superferry barge, Kupa‘a, had failed. The line was in pretty poor shape and had chafed against the hull of the barge. Hm.

Out to R.J. Pfeiffer. Captain Al Dorflinger climbing aboard:

Capt Dorflinger RJ Pfeiffer

Back at Pier 19 again, we saw that more of the lines holding the barge had failed and it was starting to swing away from the pier. Scary!


Paul reported the situation, but it took a while for someone to show up. In the meantime, he attended to things before the situation got worse:

Paul securing barge

Mikioi headed over to Phoenix Alpha:


R.J. Pfeiffer and Manoa:

RJ Pfeiffer and Manoa

Kwai loading cargo, getting ready to leave:

Kwai loaded with cargo

R.J. Pfeiffer detail (I like the colors in this shot):

RJ Pfeiffer detail

Phoenix Alpha heading out of the harbor:

Phoenix Alpha leaving

Captain Tom Collins leaving Phoenix Alpha:

Capt Collins

So hard to get decent night action shots without using a flash!

Screenshot from MarineTraffic of the pilot boat’s track for the day:

Pilot boat track

Mahalo to Captains Tom Collins and Al Dorflinger. Special thanks to Paul, as usual, for the longer-than-expected, but fun day.


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