Thunder Storm

We’ve been having a spell of unsettled weather with periods of heavy rain and thunder. So I was surprised to find the water buckets on the ship bone dry.

I did notice what looked like water in the aft peak, which was curious and worrying. I check the area every week and it’s been stable (dry) since we shifted the water out to one of the tanks two years ago.

I decided to go down into the area to have a closer look. It was frustrating to find the work lights didn’t work. Meh. I had to go get a flashlight. Since I was by myself, I was very careful and stayed in a fairly safe place.

Perched on a stringer looking down:

water in aft peak

Yup. That’s water.

Looking back toward the access ladder and hatch:

aft peak

It turns out that the water may be from our pump project PVC piping. I was talking to Paul about something else and casually mentioned the water. He said when he had done work in the area, some water did flow out from the line. Whew.

Still, I may go and check on it later on this morning.

I found another square nut in the aft peak to add to the collection:

aftpeak souvenir

The collection:

the collection

Lights in the lazarette visible through deck prism:

deck prism

I like to think of myself as the “ship menehune.” I take care of all the stuff that needs to be done but isn’t very obvious.

Power cable to ship running over pier railing:

cable to ship

I put chafing gear where it runs aboard the ship. I neglected to do the pier end. Took care of it yesterday.

chafing gear on cable

I didn’t have my bag o’ useful stuff, so I couldn’t sew it closed. I just used a constrictor knot with an additional knot to secure it. Good enough for the time being.

A bit of a twist to the usual ship spotting photos:

LEGO Maersk

(The LEGO store at Ala Moana Shopping Center)


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