Whew…Another Lucky Break

A powerful earthquake in Chile meant a bit of worry for us. Fortunately, the tsunami waves generated had minimal effect here.

Regarding the ship, there is very little one person can do in such a situation. Still, I accepted the offer of a friend to drive me to the ship in the evening after I got off from work.

sunset at the ship

One thing I had done on Saturday, was to take the old spring line and wrap it around an unused bollard. I was thinking that it might help a little in terms of the windy conditions (keeping in mind what happened with the ex-Superferry barge). Once I was at the ship, I ended up taking up some of the slack in the line and putting an additional wrap around the bollard. A very small thing, but it made me feel slightly better about the entire situation.

spring line around bollard

Since I was there, I decided to check on the aft peak.

aft peak

It looked like there was less water, but it was really hard to tell due to the poor lighting. Note to self: See what can be done about the work lights. I think it’s okay, but I’ll check again on Saturday.

I like the juxtaposition of the cool blue of the evening sky with the warmth of the tween deck lights:

light and dark

Usually, it’s the other way around with the daylight being brighter and warm.

Before I locked up and left, I asked the old crew to look after the ship.

mast silhouettes


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