Lovely End to a Long, Unhappy Week

The past week was another unhappy, long, and stressful one. Still unhappy for the same reasons. I’m not sure what to do, if anything, about it all. Walking away from a tough situation is not in my character, but it’s so damn tempting.

Yesterday wasn’t a typical Saturday. I arrived at the ship at my usual time. However, I didn’t stay very long as I had made a last-minute appointment to see a doctor for something that was bugging me.

Near the ship, a trumpet fish was floating head down, trying to be stealthy:


Maybe hiding amongst some debris will help?

spot the trumpetfish

A young crocodile needlefish was having better luck at looking stick-like;

pretending to be a stick

A good-sized omilu (wrasse for scale) visiting the cleaning station at the end of the pier:

omilu with cleaner wrasse

I managed to get some shots of MTM Antwerp arriving before I had to dash off for my appointment:

MTM Antwerp

Since it was such a nice day, I decided to return to the harbor area. I walked from Aloha Tower to Pier 38.

Malolo flying:

flying malolo

I picked up some tarred seine twine at POP:


Mmmm…poke bowl from Nico’s for lunch:

POP purchase and lunch

I have to admit, it was a nice change of scenery.

It seems the fish are making a comeback from the molasses spill. Here’s a juvenile sailfin tang:

juvenile sailfin tang

I also saw a large crocodile needlefish, two barracudas, and a nice school of something…could have been aholehole.

A couple of ‘a‘ama were facing off on the rocks:

‘a‘ama crab conflict

(The one on the right won.)

I was there in time for another ship-spotting opportunity. Symi was shifting from Matson’s pier to Horizon’s.

Symi moving from Matson to Horizon pier

Needed three tugs (Pi‘ilani, Mamo, and Mikioi – not in photo above), due to engine trouble, I understand.

So close and yet so far…

so close and yet so far

Honolulu approaching the pier.


I wasn’t expecting a ride, but was offered one. Gladly accepted!

YB barge Kala‘enalu:

YB barge Kala‘enalu

Fishing boat Princess Jasmine at sea:

Princess Jasmine at sea

Captain Lenny Stenback and Maui:

Capt Stenback Maui

Back in the harbor and trailing behind another YB barge, Ha‘aheo:

following Ha‘aheo

Nothing like a nice day in pleasant company to raise one’s spirits!


Mahalo to Captains Sinclair Brown, Lenny Stenback, and Paul!


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