Ooo Shiny!

I’m still unhappy about things in general. However, Saturday was a good day.

I left the house with the new grinder tucked away in my tool bag. Before going to the ship, I stopped by Lowe’s to look for a flap disc for it. They had some, but not the right kind to fit my grinder. Bummer. A short walk down the street to City Mill…success!

I wasn’t in a hurry, so I decided to get some exercise and walked from City Mill to the ship.

On the way, I saw a large school of aholehole:

large aholehole school

In a previous post, I mentioned the hull and frame samples. Here’s what they look like:


The one on the left is from the frame and the one on the right is from the hull.

My task for the day was related to the samples. I have been speaking with Vern Mesler, who has been very generous with his time in terms of giving me information about dealing with wrought iron.

He was curious about the physical structure of the ship’s iron and suggested that I do the field ID procedure specified in one of the documents on his website:

Field Identification of Wrought Iron

Grinder time!

Safety gear is important:

safety gear

The last time I used a grinder was a few years ago for cutting, not grinding. So, this was something new. It took a little getting used to again, but it was satisfying to do something different.

While I was working on the tween deck, a visitor to the ship appeared. It was a pleasure to finally meet Rick Wilson, whom I got to know via Facebook. We chatted briefly about some of the issues the ship faces. I’m looking forward to more discussions.

Back to work!

Being a grinding newbie, the job I did wasn’t the best, but it will do for the moment.

frame and hull plate


frame to bare metal

The new toy:

new grinder


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