Timely Mental Break

Another tough week at work meant that I was looking forward to the weekend.

The day started off at the ship, as usual. I brought the sander with me, but didn’t do any work.

The birds were having a rough week as well.

One of two broken eggs:

egg on deck

Dead chick:

chick on deck

The Board of Water Supply people weren’t happy either, as they had to deal with a water main break along Ala Moana Boulevard:

BWS fixing water main break

Muddy run off in the harbor:

muddy water

Well, enough problems. On to the ship spotting for the day.

Hollum arriving:


Different spelling, I know, but I kept thinking of Mr. Hollom. Or a typo trying to type “Gollum”? Either way, not really a good name for a ship.

Tiger 5 assisting:

Tiger 5

Moana Holo with Ka-Maluhia:

Moana Holo and Ka Maluhia

Kashima Maru, ready to leave, in need of a pilot:

need a pilot

I always enjoy and am very grateful for the opportunities I have been given to tag along with the pilots on the pilot boat. Saturday meant quite a lot to me, as I really, really needed a break from my land-based cares.

Kashima Maru heading out to sea:

Kashima Maru

Rhapsody of the Seas taking on fuel:


HR Resolution:

HR Resolution

Mokihana departure – setting up pilot ladder:

Mokihana setting up ladder

Rhapsody of the Seas again, later on in the day:

Rhapsody of the Seas

Different view of HR Resolution:

HR Resolution stern

B. Sky, just ‘ewa of HR Resolution:

B Sky

Clipper Skagen, just ‘ewa of B. Sky:

Clipper Skagen

Out of the harbor, under the Sand Island Bridge, past Hokule‘a:


(Event going on…lots of people!)

Symi is still here!

Going out (very slowly) from the harbor to the offshore anchorage again:




I can see the ocean from my house. I grew up looking at, but not really seeing the harbor. The lights of the ships at anchor offshore, bright but small points in blackness, always seemed so lonely. I never dreamed that I’d get the opportunity to experience things up close.

Kawika headed to the anchorage to await the arrival of Symi:

out to offshore anchorage

Fortunately, the ocean was calm. I imagine it must be pretty hellish on a rough day.

Not the best photo, but here’s Symi (finally) with city lights in the distance:

Symi at anchorage

Back in the harbor, two Matson ships at the pier.

Maui arrived first:

Maui at the pier

Then Kauai (with Mikioi here):

Mikioi with Kauai

Kauai and Maui

Goodnight, all!

Mahalo to Captains Stenback, Dorflinger, and Brown for humoring the strange person with the camera. Special thanks to Paul.


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