Humid = Unproductive

Can we have the trades back again?

Swept the fo’c’sle and picked up random bits of stuff off the weather deck.

Dead gecko:

dead gecko

I also found a bird head on the pier. Ick. What is it with all the dead stuff, as of late?

Location of the hole (bottom of the two) from the hull sampling. Ship vampire.

hull sample

Masts! Rigging! Nice to see the Robert C. Seamans at Pier 9:

Robert C. Seamans

Two spiffy, blue boats belonging to Naviera Integral arrived in the morning.

Don J Ragland:

Don J Ragland

Don Luis:

Don Luis



Pi‘ilani and Mamo for Manoa arrival:

Pi‘ilani and Mamo

More cars! Jupiter Spirit:

Jupiter Spirit

Manoa from Aloha Tower:

Manoa from Aloha Tower

Go Mamo!

Mamo churning up the water

Mikiala II and Mikioi all pau with Jupiter Spirit:

Mikiala II and Mikioi

Sad to see Aloha Tower Marketplace all boarded up:

boarded up


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