Abbreviated Day

Always something…

While checking chafing gear at the stern of the ship during my inspection this morning, I spotted something odd.

stern chafing gear

It was an African snail (Achatina fulica), usually seen on land:

African snail

Weird! I had visions of the snail slowly creeping up the mooring line from the pier. Maybe it was dropped by a large bird like a cattle egret or a night heron?

As it turned out, it was an empty shell. I tried to retrieve it, but it rolled into the ocean. Oops.

Hooters girls doing a photo shoot of some sort:

Hooters girls photoshoot

Part of the morning was taken up with a meeting at the pier regarding the ship. After that, I didn’t feel like doing much. So, I left.

The most interesting thing in the harbor was the mega yacht, A:


Yes, A.


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