At Aloha Tower

I had some time to kill, so I went up to the 10th floor observation deck of Aloha Tower…a lonely sentinel in the midst of a maze of construction barricades.

What looks like a nice jacuzzi for two on A:

jacuzzi on A

(Nice job varnish job on the rail.)

Light Maui with some work being done at the stern:


There goes Honolulu:

Honolulu and sad pier

How long before that decaying corner of the pier falls in?

Back at ground level…the target of the day, Satsumaseiun Maru, along with Honolulu and Maui:

Satsumaseiun Maru Honolulu

Wild Thing (no pic) is still tied up right at the middle of Pier 9. A bit awkward.

Approaching the pier, the crew at their stations:

approaching pier

Getting a fender ready:

getting a fender ready

Love the traditional hitching.

Ready with a heaving line:

heaving line

Captain Anzai (no, I don’t know him, I just read his name tag) and pilot, Captain Tom Collins:

Captain Anzai and Captain Collins

Nice smile!

Captain Collins

Job done!

Captain Collins Honolulu

Passing by Robert C. Seamans, saw this fish tail at the end of the bowsprit:

fish tail


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