Holiday Ship Spotting

While other people were at the beach or the park for the 4th of July holiday, I was at the harbor. Yeah, ship nerd with no life. 😛

It’s a good thing that I checked the schedule when I woke up, as things had changed. I would have been very sad had I arrived at the harbor at the time I had originally planned to.

I made it just in time to catch Horizon Reliance (a rare daytime opportunity):

Horizon Reliance

Mamo at the bow:

Mamo Horizon Reliance

Mikioi at the stern:

Mikioi Horizon Reliance

Leaving the harbor:

Horizon Reliance heading out

Not the best photo of Clipper Skagen, but I like the view of the Wai‘anae range in the background:

Clipper Skagen

USCGC Rush dressed for the holiday:

USCGC Rush dressed

A trio (parents and youngster?) of fairy terns soaring gracefully over the water:

trio of terns

Mamo and Mikioi heading out to the next job (tanker Morning Haruka in the distance):

next job

Morning Haruka at the Horizon terminal:

Morning Haruka

Stern lines:

Morning Haruka mooring lines

Longshoremen taking care of things on the pier:


Attempting to set up the rat guards:

Morning Haruka rat guard fail

It was rather gusty so he couldn’t get them in place on the lines. He ended up just leaving them hanging loose.

Mikioi again:


And Mamo:


Captain Al Dorflinger boarding the pilot boat:

Captain Dorflinger



On to another tanker, Jag Lalit:

Jag Lalit offshore

Approaching the anchorage (D):

Jag Lalit bow view

Anchor lowered:

Jag Lalit anchor lowered

Different view of the bow:

Jag Lalit bow

Captain Sinclair Brown disembarking:

Captain Brown

A hearty thanks to all the mariners working during the holiday.

Mahalo to Paul and Captains Dorflinger and Brown.


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