Various Things

Here is the weekly ship-spotting report…ha!

I arrived at the harbor earlier than normal to catch the departure of Gulf Rastaq. Cup of coffee in hand, I went to Pier 9 to wait for the ship to go by.

The pier was peaceful and the water calm. Soul healing. Time for some quiet reflection.

Wild Thing is still there:

Wild Thing

She’s been moved to the end of the pier, which seems much more sensible than smack dab in the middle.

Kaiyu Maru flying the Blue Peter:

Kaiyu Maru Blue Peter

The Matson gantry cranes and reflections:

Matson cranes

Gulf Rastaq:

Gulf Rastaq


Gulf Rastaq detail

Is it just me or are the bow and stern areas nicely painted, but not the area in between? Weird.

On to FOC.

There always seems to be something new and strange.

A sign and an old raft have appeared on the pier:

sign and raft

The walk around the ship produced another handful of bird gifts (seeds), a bone fragment, and two small egg shells:

bone fragment

egg shell

Hard to see (phone camera), but there was a small school of omilu hanging around on the port side:

omilu school

Aside from the routine tasks, I spent a bit of time in the area of the tween deck located above the pump room.

Part of a Lunkenheimer valve just beneath the deckhead:

Lunkenheimer valve

Here is a link to an article that gives some history of the company: Connecting past and future, art and commerce

There is always something new to discover/learn. That is the one of the reasons I love spending time on the ship.

I didn’t feel very productive, so I decided to go home.

I spotted some squid on the Kulamanu side of the pier:


While I was attempting to get a decent photo of them (not successful), Captain Ed Enos happened to walk by. We had an interesting chat regarding FOC and the waterfront as a whole.

It’s weird how one event leads to another sometimes.


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