Form and Function

I often wondered about the reason for the odd sterns of a couple of the Horizon container ships.

Horizon Reliance:

Horizon Reliance stern

Horizon Spirit:

Horizon Spirit stern

The ships also share another design detail. They have two separate stacks—one located on the starboard side of the hull and the other on the port side.

I finally got around to asking a naval architect friend about them and found out that the ships were originally built as barge (or LASH) carriers.

Matson also has had former barge carriers as part of its fleet: Chief Gadao (ex-Golden Bear) and Ewa



Lihue laid up in San Francisco:

Lihue in SF

Compare the above photos of Lihue from 2012 to this one taken early on in her history before she was converted to a container ship: Thomas E. Cuffe


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