Crazy Day

I thought Wednesday was going to be a mellow day. I had some things to do related to my trip to San Francisco and I thought I would have a lot of time to do them. Ha!

With hurricanes Iselle and Julio threatening the islands, there were a number of things that needed to be done to secure the ship.

Soooo…instead of packing I ended up at the harbor.

Small papio beneath the breadfruit tree. Intended as food for the fairy tern chick, but dropped on the ground:

chick food

Pre-work ship spotting. Emsland:


The most important task was to set up a spring line. We managed to jury rig the old one and get it in place with a lot of sweat and some cursing. The result wasn’t perfect but it was better than nothing.

I disconnected the water to the ship and then waited for Paul, who arrived to disconnect the power. He showed me how to do it (pretty simple), so in the future I can do it myself.


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