San Francisco (Thursday, August 7)

My flight arrived at San Francisco early Thursday morning.

I had decided to use public transportation to get around the city. The first thing I had to do was to get from the terminal to the BART station. Fortunately, there was a tram:

Red Line to BART

BART train:

BART train SFO

After getting off at the Embarcadero Station, I found a nearby Walgreens and got a Clipper Card. Very useful. Also proving to be invaluable was my smartphone, Google Maps, and a public transportation app.

A short walk and street car ride brought me close to Hyde Street Pier.

Curb along the way to San Francisco Maritime NHP:

Richard Henry Dana curb

A friend and I had made arrangements to go for an afternoon sail on board the park’s schooner Alma.

While waiting, I watched work being done aloft on Balclutha:

work aloft on Balclutha

Harsh commentary from a seagull:

seagull commenting

Alma’s pennant:

Alma pennant

It was a bit blustery out on the bay, but I totally enjoyed being on a ship that actually sails (for a change).

Sailboat zipping along:


View from Alma toward Sausalito:

twds Sausalito from Alma

A peek at some Coast Guard boats in Horseshoe Bay:

Coast Guard boats

Golden Gate Bridge, with tops hidden by fog:

Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge detail

Time passed all too quickly and soon we had to return to the pier.

In the evening, I tagged along with another friend to Berkeley for pool and dinner.


Some details related to past posts.

FOC could use a gangway set up similar to this:


Balclutha‘s port side port:

Balclutha port side port

Starboard side port:

Balclutha starboard side port

This post wouldn’t be complete without some shipspotting.

CSCL Winter:

CSCL Winter

Tug Ahbra Franco assisting Pichincha:

Ahbra Franco assist



ETA: A bit of bad timing. Due to work on the piles, most of Hyde Street Pier was closed to the public (Mondays through Thursdays), which meant no access to the ships. Boo.


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