San Francisco (Friday, August 8) – Sutro Baths

Ever since a brief stop at the area back in 2012, I wanted to return to have a closer look at the ruins of the Sutro Baths.

Gazing out over the area today, it’s hard to imagine the grand complex that was developed by Adolph Sutro in the 1890s.

Time, the elements, and people take their toll:

Sutro Baths

The pools were stagnant and filled with algae. Trash was scattered around the grounds and graffiti adorned the concrete walls.

The steps were blocked off, so no exploration of this area was possible. 😦

cliff steps

Sad remnants:

Sutro Baths detail

Sutro Baths ruins

Crevice in rock visible from inside the tunnel in the cliff:

opening in rock


Just offshore are the Seal Rocks. The tops of the rocks are white with guano.

Seal Rocks detail

Lots of pelicans, cormorants, and seagulls.


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