Richmond (Saturday, August 9)

On Saturday, I went to Richmond via BART to meet up with my friend.

waiting for BART train

Anything with masts and yards will always attract my attention.


I was informed this is Kaisei.

We stopped at the Rosie the Riveter visitor center:

Rosie the Riveter visitor center

Rosie and Joe make an appearance:

Rosie and Joe

Orange tabby among the rocks on the shoreline by the visitor center:

orange tabby

From there, it was over to Richmond Shipyard #3.

Oil spill response vessel Pacific Responder:

Pacific Responder

Foss facility:

Foss in Richmond

It was sad not to see the Wapama and Lion (ex-Moctobi). However, my friend noticed the Warden Johnston, looking a bit forlorn:


The Warden Johnston was used to carry inmates, staff and their families, and officials, to and from Alcatraz.

Continuing on in the area, we went over to the Red Oak Victory. It was late, so the ship was closed. However, there was a lot to see.

Red Oak Victory

sign Red Oak Victory

The Whirley Crane is a very visible icon.

Ospreys have built a nest on it:

osprey nest on Whirley Crane

The owners of the nest, I presume:


Crane framed by buildings:

shipyard building Whirley Crane

The General Warehouse building is quite interesting.

General Warehouse back

General Warehouse front

doors General Warehouse

door handles

Some interior shots (taken through windows):



Cracks in the loading dock:

cracks loading dock General Warehouse


Back to San Francisco!

back to SF


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