Back to the Old Routine

A break from my vacation posts to note this past Saturday’s activities.

An early morning excursion…

Horizon Reliance and Tira Lani:

Horizon Reliance Tira Lani

Tira Lani:

Tira Lani with Horizon Reliance

Along the starboard side:

Horizon Reliance

Captain Ed Enos disembarking:

Capt Ed Enos Horizon Reliance

Pilot boat Honolulu:


On the way to the ship, I was glad to see the fairy tern chick had survived the bad weather:

meal time

On board the ship, it was business as usual. Having had a nice break away from it all and spending time with historic ship people did wonders for my attitude. I’m trying to be more positive about things, even though the circumstances remain the same.

While checking the tween deck, I heard a noise like someone was banging on the hull with a hammer. It didn’t take long to figure out what was causing it.

It was the thimble/shackle of the jury-rigged spring line:

jury rigged spring line

The catenary is currently too large so we have to adjust the line.

Another problem I discovered:

spring line needs help

This spring line has been taking a lot of the strain, so it’s now worn almost all the way through. It needs to be changed as soon as possible.

After I left the ship for the day, I was able to go out on another excursion.

Manoa, last seen sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge on her way to Oakland:


Mahalo to Captains Enos and Demuth. Special thanks to Paul. Cool beans!


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