Spring Line

The main task on Saturday was to replace the worn spring line before it failed.

Only two strands left:

worn spring line

I was asked if I had a plan.


Of course I did. I had made measurements and had surveyed the lines we had on the pier for a suitable replacement last week, when I noticed the problem. I knew we needed chafing gear (which I had at the ready) and stoppers (had prepared some a while ago but they had been used for other purposes, so had to prepare a new one). If I hadn’t thought of these things, who would have?

Oh, and, yes, traditional tools rock! In the old days, sailors didn’t have fancy electric tools and they managed to get things done.

Large spike used to work shoreside bowline loose:

large spike

The “new” line with chafing gear:

line replaced

It still needs some adjusting, but I was fairly satisfied with the result.

The other spring line that runs through the same chock should probably be changed as well, as it is pretty worn.

It was too hot to do much more, so I had lunch and whipped the ends of my new stopper in the cool comfort of the deck house on the poop deck.

I wasn’t in a hurry to go home, so I hung around to take photos.

Smoke from the large brush fire:

brush fire smoke

Cute Maersk containers on Mokihana:

cute Maersk containers

Go engines! Horizon Spirit:

Horizon Spirit

The tanker, Densa Orca, was scheduled to arrive in the harbor just before sunset. I went over to the park between Piers 5 and 6 to get pics.

Mamo backing and Mikioi heading out:

Mamo and Mikioi

Unfortunately, Pride of America was scheduled to leave about the same time. Densa Orca had to remain offshore. Meh. Delay.

Mamo, Mikioi, and Pi‘ilani returning to the harbor, with Densa Orca in the distance:

tugs returning

Mamo and Pi‘ilani:

Mamo and Piilani

Egrets heading off to roost for the night:

egrets going to roosting site

Okay. Hurry up and leave already!

Pride of America

Coast Guard boat escort:

Coast Guard boat escort

Practice or some Homeland Security requirement?

Sun going down!


Mikioi heading out again:


Pride of America finally out of the harbor with Mikioi, Pi‘ilani, and Tira Lani heading out to assist Densa Orca:

three tugs and a cruise ship

As it was getting dark, I decided to go home rather than wait for Densa Orca. 😦


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