For a Change…

…a post without Matson ships!

After a quiet Sunday morning doing mundane household stuff, it was off to the harbor to do some ship spotting (what else is new).

The schedule indicated that a ship called Moneyball was arriving after noon. Curious name. It sounded like some mega-yacht, but a Google search revealed it was a cargo vessel.

Hokulani passed by while I was waiting:


A plume of smoke in the distance indicated that the Makakilo brush fire was still going:

brush fire still going

Moneyball with Pi‘ilani and Mikioi:


I was fortunate to be invited (unplanned) to go out on the pilot boat. 😀

Tanker Polar Resolution at the offshore anchorage:

Polar Resolution

It’s always something to see these big gals up close!

Back to the harbor and more of Moneyball at Pier 11 with Pi‘ilani:

Piilani and Moneyball stern

Her old name Pacific Tramp is still quite visible on her hull.

Kawika and Pauwela at Pier 19:

Kawika and Pauwela

Sand Island bridge:

Sand Island bridge

Moving Pauwela on to the trailer:

Pauwela on to trailer

Recently, I’ve been posting quite a bit about Horizon Lines ships. For whatever reason, their schedule has been more photo friendly.

Horizon Enterprise was arriving just around sunset.

Heading out on board Kawika:

heading out on Kawika

A different view of Polar Resolution:

Polar Resolution sunset

Horizon Enterprise with Diamond Head in the background:

Horizon Enterprise Diamond Head

Horizon Enterprise

Heading in, passing by H buoy (with boobies):

H buoy with boobies

Back in the harbor:

Horizon Enterprise in harbor

At the pier:

Horizon Enterprise at pier

Moneyball on the way back to Pier 19:

Moneyball at night

Thanks to Captains Dorflinger, Brown, and Baker. Special thanks to Paul for a great day!

In my previous post, I forgot to mention that it was great to see that the fairy tern chick in the breadfruit tree by FOC has fledged. Good luck little one!


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  1. starbuck5250 says:

    The golden hour, wow!

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