Still Lazy

Saturday was another hot, humid, and lazy day.



Kashima Maru arriving at Pier 9:

Kashima Maru

One of Kashima Maru‘s heaving lines:

heaving line

Not a monkey fist, but created using traditional skills.

Alpine Maria:

Alpine Maria

Pi‘ilani assisting:

Pi‘ilani Alpine Maria

JRS Corvus:

JRS Corvus

On the way to the ship, I stopped to look at the fairy terns in the breadfruit tree.

Parents making noise, probably not happy that I was standing there:

fairy tern parents

The youngster:

young tern

I was looking at the hull of the ship, when I saw something disturbing the surface of the water. I thought it was a school of fish. Moments later, a young honu (green sea turtle) poked its head up near the starboard bow.

I had my camera at hand, but was just a little too slow:


Too bad!

Basic tasks on board the ship.


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